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Transfer Money

h4send money

The best way to send money

Customer Service Advisors at our branches  will assist you throughout your money transfer process. You may be required to get registered with us. During this registration process you will be required to fill out a simple registration form which asks for very basic information about you, and about your very first beneficiary.


Our service is highly confidential as our client list.

How to sent money ?

Money Exchange House (UK) Ltd aims to reach you at your convenience for the way of sending money
  • By visiting one of our branches
  • Customer Service Advisors at our branches,
  • Registration process will take only 7-8 minutes and sent money immediately.
  • Passport or

  • Driving License

  • Driving Licence

  • Bank Statement

  • Council Tax Letter

  • Utility Bill (gas, electricity or water)

  • National ID Card or,

  • Passport or,

  • Drivers License

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