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Company number : 07456837         FCA – FRN 543098

A good number of Bangladeshi Expatriates are living & working in United Kingdom. These Bangladeshi Expatriates are in different categories i.e. scholars, professionals, skilled and unskilled. Besides, United Kingdom is the most important economic hub in European area. Considering the geo-economics importance of United Kingdom and ensuring best services to the Bangladeshi expatriates in living and residing there, Mercantile Bank Ltd. (MBL), Bangladesh extended their services to United Kingdom aiming to enter into the potential European economic area through fully owned subsidiary named “Mercantile Exchange House (UK) Ltd.

Mercantile Exchange House (UK) Limited incorporated on December 01, 2010 in United Kingdom aiming to provide with remittance service to the Bangladeshi Expatriates living & residing in United Kingdom. The company is also engaged in Bureau De Change service in United Kingdom. At this moment, the Company renders best remittance services to the Bangladeshi Community from United Kingdom to all the branches, sub-branches and agent locations of Mercantile Bank Ltd. and BEFTN Locations in Bangladesh.

The company aims to ascertain quality services through wider network in both the countries with a dedicated team of service providers where the customers can find themselves comfortable of receiving remittance services from our network

Products & Services

Mercantile Exchange House (UK) Ltd. is not merely an Exchange House for remittance business, rather it act as one of the most potential business hubs of the Bank in London. Because, it not only offers remittance services but also provides currency exchange service i.e. bureau de change, promoting other products of the Bank among the Expatriates as well as promoting government owned financial instruments among the expatriates in United Kingdom. The following services are offered to the Bangladeshi Expatriates living in United Kingdom:

  • One stop remittance services to Bangladesh
  • Account Transfer (Own Bank & Other Bank through BEFTN)
  • Transfer through Cash Over the Counter
  • Currency Exchange Service (Bureau De Change)
  • Opening of different types of accounts
  • Assist the expatriates in purchasing different Govt. Instruments
  • WEDB (Wage Earners’ Development Bond)
  • US Dollar Bond etc.


Focus on business

Our company serves remittance and foreign exchange only in Bangladesh through enhanced customer experience driven by continually upgraded technology, branch network expansions and superior service levels.


Bringing you top value

Integrity: Earn the trust and respect of our stakeholders

Teamwork: Realizing a shared vision

Customer Excellence: Customer is the lifeblood for our organization

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